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Jerry Kaminski is a normal guy with normal desires, but he gets into more than the normal amount of trouble. After keeping his date Christy out too late one night, her parents send her off to Catholic school! Jerry isn't one to shy away from a challenge, so he impersonates a priest to get into Virgin High and back into Christy's good graces (and maybe more)! Then, when a hypnosis scheme goes awry, Jerry finds that he's not the only one Hot Under the Collar at the Convent of the Blessed Virgin. In a nun disguise, Jerry chases his hypnotized honey to save her from a life of celibacy, but first he has to deal with a crime syndicate's missing jewels.

Virgin High / Hot Under the Collar Blu-ray 
Dir. Richard Gabai
1991/1992 - 90/87 min - 1.78:1

Starring : Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer, Burt Ward, Melinda Clarke


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