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Slashdance is back! And this time, we have an exclusive T-shirt for you to share your Slashdance love to the world. Whether working out under neon lights or searching for masked killers, you'll be looking good in this high quality shirt!


Shirts available in Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL.


Of course, this limited bundle comes with our brand new Blu-ray of the film!


Slashdance Special Edition Blu-ray:


Beautiful dancers are being brutally murdered at the Van Slake theatre. Is it the weird brothers who run the theatre? The perverted stage manager? A vengeful ghost? Bombshell Detective Tori Raines must go undercover as a dancer to find the killer... or become his next victim!


Starring Cindy Ferda ("Americana" from Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner (Necropolis, "Copycat Killers"), and cult favorite Jay Richardson (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers). Directed by James Shyman (Hollywood's New Blood).


See all the sexy dancers and sleazy characters in beautiful, lurid color! This presentation of Slashdance is an HD up-res from the original video master. Hollywood's New Blood is an HD up-res from the best available video source.


Special Features

Bonus feature film: Hollywood's New Blood

Full-length commentary with Director James Shyman
Full-length commentary with Hack The Movies

Interview with Actor J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner

Interview with Producer Andrew Maisner

"3 Minute Slashdance" by Future Schlock of Everything Is Terrible!

Culture Shock Releasing trailers

The Last Dance Bundle

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