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Meet the Benzigers! They're the average American family - two unruly teenagers, a stressed out father, and a cloying mother. They're taking the classic American Christmas vacation, at the perfect mountain resort. But the strange residents of Wilson Creek have something else planned... something gruesome. This family trip will be a trip to hell, and no one will ever be the same again!


Starring Pons Maar (Return to Oz, The Blob), Kevin Kaye (Teen Wolf Too), Matt Borlenghi (Cannibal Hookers), Blackie Dammett (Lethal Weapon), and George "Buck" Flower (They Live, Pumpkinhead). Directed by Mitchell Linden (A Night at the Magic Castle).

Culture Shock Releasing is proud to present The American Scream for the first time on disc! This director-approved restoration of The American Scream was created using a brand new 4K scan of the 35mm original negatives, with the sound mix taken from the original mag audio.

Special Features

- Introduction from director Mitchell Linden
- Feature length commentary with director Mitchell Linden and star Kevin (Kaye) Miller
- Restored promotional teaser used at film markets (4 min)
- Reel Collections with Edward Beasley podcast episode "The Making of The American Scream" (70 min)
- Culture Shock Releasing trailers

The American Scream Special Edition Blu-ray

$34.98 Regular Price
$26.99Sale Price
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