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In dumpsters, in the gutters, and even hanging from hooks... the streets of Los Angeles are being littered with murdered sex workers. A sinister John with a sizable wallet is tempting desperate women into dangerous traps. If the police (Simon Di Soto, Lawrence Scott, and Susanne Smith from Night Ripper) cannot find the killer, then who will? Maybe it will be a former detective (Tommy Kirk, Babes in Toyland, Blood of Ghastly Horror). Or perhaps it will be a couple of guys (Larry Thomas, "Seinfeld," Austin Powers and Guy Ecker, Night Terror, The Devil Wears White) shooting a documentary about prostitution.


With his follow up to the grim and stylish Night Ripper, director Jeff Hathcock cemented his name as a skilled provocateur of shot-on-video mayhem. Streets of Death is an even darker look at serial murder in southern California, with more shocking murder sequences and even more more dubious motives. Similarly to Night Ripper, Streets of Death boasts many visual references to classic Hollywood film, deftly photographed by then recent AFI graduate, Michael N. J. Wright. But don't let that fool you -- the sleaze drips off this slice of SOV horror history.


This presentation of Night Ripper is an HD up-res from the original 3/4" video master. Culture Shock Releasing is proud to present this iconic shot-on-video slasher for the first time on disc.


Special features:

- Interview with director Jeff Hathcock (21 min)

- Interview with actor Larry Thomas (15 min)

- Interview with cinematographer Michael N. J. Wright (13 min)

- Full-length commentary by Movie Melt! Grindhouse and Exploitation Podcast

- Behind the scenes still gallery (9 min)

Streets of Death Blu-ray (Slipcover edition)

$34.99 Regular Price
$27.99Sale Price
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