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This is the EXTENDED DIRECTOR’S CUT containing approximately 20 minutes of additional footage beyond the original home video release. This cut is taken from a print struck for Cannes Film Festival, unearthed from the producer’s archives while searching for the original negatives.

A criminally under-seen surreal sci-fi journey that you must see to believe! From another dimension, a powerful society of semi-robotic humanoids study and manipulate every activity of life on earth. Their sophisticated interference techniques control our every move, and convince us that our actions are of our own “free will.” Amidst the lethargic population, one man will not conform. He alone has the power the break the barrier between the worlds. Starker, a man of one thousand faces, is the embodiment of chaos… and the Authoritarians want him stopped! Starker sees the truth, and the truth will destroy their world! They Watch. They Control. They Destroy. It’s time to SPLIT!

*COLLECTOR NOTE* Variant colorways may be requested at checkout, but are not guaranteed. We will do our best to get you the color you request!  SELECTING THE IMAGE WHEN YOU CHECK OUT DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE VHS COLOR VARIANT.

This is the second press limited to 50 copies:

·         20 Brain Warp Red Videocassettes

·         20 Perpetual Escape Purple Videocassettes

·         10 Mindsplinter Hydro Dip Videocassettes (Only available with THIS LINK)


SPLIT VHS from Lunchmeat VHS

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$29.99Sale Price
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