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From the director of Holy Moly comes a new vinyl record of horror-themed Bay area thrash metal tracks!


Skitzo's "Thrash Slashing Hits" is a limited release and comes with a free Skitzo sticker inside this jammed packed record.


Side A


Color Me Blood Red

No More Room in Hell

War of the Gargantuas



Side B

Messiah of Evil

Love Butcher

Toolbox Murders

Gates of Hell

I Spit On Your Grave


Lance Ozanix - guitat/vox/bass

Nate Clark - bass/vox

Jason Wright - guitar

Liz Say - drums/vox

Sherri Stewart - bass

Additional vox - Ari Wright, Tracy Calmer of Outrage and a vast of musicians over the years.

Ron Klinger - guitar, Jason Sullivan - drums, Scott Reynolds - drums, Ken Springer - guitar

Mixed and Recorded at Route 44 Harry Gale, Tschann Grizzly Studios.

Skitzo "Thrash Slashing Hits" LP

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