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Virgin High Soundtrack includes the following songs by The Checks:


1. Why'd You Have to Go?

2. She's Not My Girl

3. Ode to a Frog

4. Those Days Are Gone

5. Touch Me Tender

6. Thicker Than Blood

7. Double Life

8. She's Got a Shake!

9. First Impressions

10. Tear Up the Town

11. Make You Mine

12. I'm Back

13. Sparks From a Flame



The 2-Disc Special Edition Blu-ray Set:


Jerry Kaminski is a normal guy with normal desires, but he gets into more than the normal amount of trouble. After keeping his date Christy out too late one night, her parents send her off to Catholic school! Jerry isn't one to shy away from a challenge, so he impersonates a priest to get into Virgin High and back into Christy's good graces (and maybe more)! Then, when a hypnosis scheme goes awry, Jerry finds that he's not the only one Hot Under the Collar at the Convent of the Blessed Virgin. In a nun disguise, Jerry chases his hypnotized honey to save her from a life of celibacy, but first he has to deal with a crime syndicate's missing jewels.


After directing his popular shot-on-video Assault of the Party Nerds, Richard Gabai returned to sex comedies with the backing of the legendary Menahem Golan, this time on film! These charming, sexy romps feature cult favorites Linnea Quigley (Nightmare Sisters, Thrust), Melinda Clarke ("The O.C.",  Return of the Living Dead 3), Burt Ward ("Batman"), Michelle Bauer (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, The Flesh Merchant), Daniel Friedman (Slashdance), and more. You're going to need an extra trip to the confessional after watching these!


Culture Shock Releasing is proud to present Richard Gabai's Virgin High and Hot Under the Collar, lovingly restored from new 2K transfers of the 35mm prints.

Special Features:

- Introduction to the films by Richard Gabai

- Full-length commentary on Virgin High with Richard Gabai

- Virgin High remastered trailer

- Virgin High production still gallery

- Full-length commentary on Hot Under the Collar with Richard Gabai and Melinda Clarke

- Hot Under the Collar reconstructed trailer

- Hot Under the Collar production still gallery

- Uncut version of "Pray and Mediate" with introduction by Richard Gabai

- 2.5 hours of Hot Under the Collar behind the scenes footage

- The Checks "Those Days Are Gone" music video

- English SDH on both films

- Culture Shock Releasing trailers



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