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Race car driver Jimmy Clayton is having mind-shattering visions. Over and over, he sees young women ruthlessly murdered. He tries to go to the police as a witness to the latest murder, but they think he's crazy. An investigative reporter catches wind of Jimmy's tale and tries to help him put the blood-soaked pieces together. But when Jimmy's little sister appears in one of his visions, Jimmy's world comes violently crashing down.


Raw Nerve was the most expensive film David A. Prior had directed at the time, with a budget of $90,000. Shot in affordable Alabama, most of that money went to the noteworthy cast. Alongside frequent collaborator Ted Prior (Deadly Prey), Raw Nerve features Traci Lords (Shock 'Em Dead) in one of her first narrative films, Glenn Ford (Gilda, Happy Birthday to Me) in his final film, as well as Sandahl Bergman (Xanadu, Conan the Barbarian), Jan-Michael Vincent (The Mechanic, XTRO II), and Randall 'Tex' Cobb (Raising Arizona, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective).


This presentation of Raw Nerve was created from a brand new 4K scan of a 35mm Print -- the only known film element in existence, which was saved from certain destruction in the early 90's by Editor Tony Malanowski. Culture Shock Releasing proudly presents David A. Prior's Raw Nerve in meticulously restored HD for the first time ever!


Special Features

- Feature commentary with Actor Ted Prior, Cinematographer Andrew Parke, and Editor Tony Malanowski

- Interview with Actor Ted Prior

- Interview with Producer Ruta Aras

- Remastered original trailer

- Vintage blooper reel

- English SDH

Raw Nerve Blu-ray Slipcover Edition

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