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Our special edition Blu-ray for Jeff Hathcock's shot-on-video opus, NIGHT RIPPER! With limited edition slipcover!


"Fiend Disembowels Fourth Young Woman" reports the newspaper. The Ripper is stalking the city, and it's all anyone can talk about. Models all over town are ending up on the wrong side of a razor-sharp blade. Police are baffled by the surgical precision of the corpse mutilation, and their only lead is David, a local photographer who knew a couple of the murdered women. As the beautiful bodies pile up, David's world turns upside down, and the streets run red with blood.


After the brutal Victims, legendary low budget horror director Jeff Hathcock teamed up with producer John Tomlinson for the first of two nasty shot-on-video slasher films. Night Ripper is a genre fan's dream, with plentiful (and uniquely staged) murder sequences. But Hathcock's love of classic Hollywood film is evident in the skilled videography, something rare in the shot-on-video horror subset, which takes many cues from American film noir. Starring James Hansen (Streets of Death), April Audia (Fast Times at Ridgemont High), and Larry Thomas (Terror on Tour, Seinfeld).


This presentation of Night Ripper is an HD up-res from the original video master. Culture Shock Releasing is proud to present this iconic shot-on-video slasher for the first time on disc.


Special features:

- Interview with director Jeff Hathcock (20 min)

- Interview with actor Larry Thomas (20 min)

- Interview with actress April Audia (22 min)

- Full-length commentary by Movie Melt! Grindhouse and Exploitation Podcast

- Extended gore shots (3 min)

- Behind the scenes still gallery (6 min)

Night Ripper Blu-ray with Slipcover

$37.99 Regular Price
$26.99Sale Price
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