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What if the Misfits had been angsty robots from outer space? It's a question we've all asked. (Right?) Now you can hear the answer!


Deluxe 12" vinyl release of the first Misbits album. Pressed at 45rpm on circuit board-inspired green and yellow splatter vinyl.


Featuring 10 blazing, weird reimaginings of classic Misfits tracks:


Side 1

1. Robot Dungeon

2. Die Die My Android

3. Where Robots Dare

4. Cybernetics From Mars

5. Robotomania


Side 2

6. Motherboard, Can I Go Out And Kill Some Bytes?

7. Hollywood Automaton

8. Some Kinda Droid

9. Robofuck

10. We Are 1+0


Each record includes a download card.

Misbits "10 Bits From Hell" Vinyl LP

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