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A psychopathic killer is leaving a trail of viciously murdered innocents through town. Disguised as a priest, this spawn of hell stalks the night, seeking his victims. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Watch the shadows, but if you see him... it's too late! Goodnight, and God bless. Your nightmare has arrived.


This special edition DVD features a new transfer from the master PAL 1-inch videotape, and features the following extras:


- Full length audio commentary with film critics Matty Budrewicz and Dave Wain of

- 8 page booklet featuring an exclusive interview with Goodnight God Bless Production Manager Dewi Griffiths

- Still gallery of cover art from Goodnight God Bless VHS releases around the world

- Remastered original trailer

- Trailers for upcoming Culture Shock Releasing titles

- O-card slipcover featuring newly commissioned art by Allen Vanmeter (@PsychoStreetBum)

- Reversible cover art featuring original Magnum VHS release design and our new artwork

Goodnight God Bless Special Edition DVD

$27.99 Regular Price
$18.99Sale Price
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