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Limited Slipcase edition!


Seven criminals, prisoners, and slaves are sent down to Earth to hunt for "the ball," and hunt each other for it! The all-powerful creatures who rule the galaxy watch these Games of Survival for sport. The winner of the games will be granted their freedom. Which of these seven deadly men will secure the ball and survive until noon?


Long before Battle Royale and The Hunger Games, there was Games of Survival. It's a very ambitious and action-packed feature film shot on Super8 for $10,000 by a handful of recent L.A. Valley College film program graduates. Director Armand Gazarian and producer Lindsay Norgard packed this film with killer costumes, amazing fights, and low-budget charm. Featuring early FX work by the legendary Steve Wang (Kung Fu Rascals, The Monster Squad), and co-starring fellow FX artist Johnnie Saiko (The Guyver, Roller Blade Warriors).


This presentation of Games of Survival was painstakingly restored from a brand new 4K scan of the Super8 camera originals. Culture Shock Releasing is proud to present this long neglected science fiction action film for the first time on disc.


Special features:

- Introduction to the film by director Armand Gazarian

- Full-length commentary with director Armand Gazarian

- Interview with cinematographer Bruce Hensius (9 min)

- Interview with actor Johnnie Saiko (31 min)

- Restoration comparison (4 min)

- Municipal Waste "Slime and Punishment" music video (2018) featuring Johnnie Saiko as his Games of Survival character

- Culture Shock Releasing trailers

Game Of Survival Blu-ray

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$26.99Sale Price
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