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Yuppie Tom (Rick Groat) brings his investor buddies out to a dude ranch, hoping they'll want to help him turn it into a high-end resort. Tom has a connection with the place... his family's blood is in the soil. For a century, the Devil Rider (Tag Groat) has roamed the land, killing all who try to claim it as their own, awakening whenever it is trespassed upon. Tom and his friends will surely die, unless they figure out how to kill the Devil Rider!


Written by Bud Fleisher (Rage of Vengeance) and directed by Vic Alexander (Nightmares of Nam), Devil Rider is an often-overlooked slasher with a dose of western flair. Stars and brothers Rick and Tag Groat bring this bloody tale to life, drawing from years of performance in the Groat Family Wild West Show. The film co-stars David Campbell and Deborah Norris (both of Killer Workout), and brings many creative kills and beautiful locales to the screen.


This presentation of Devil Rider was created from a new 2K scan of the original camera negatives. Culture Shock Releasing is proud to premiere the fully uncut version of Devil Rider for its debut on disc.


Special Features

- Alternate "VHS cut" of the film in 1.33:1 aspect ratio (95 min)

- Behind the scenes footage (76 min)

- Interview with Rick Groat (37 min)

- Interview with Tag Groat (18 min)

- Introduction by Bud Fleisher, Jr. (2 min)

- Original, remastered trailer (2 min)


Devil Rider Blu-ray (Slipcover edition)

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