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Lauren and her friends just wanted to have a little fun with a Ouija board, but they accidentally resurrect a centuries-old, voluptuous witch named Carmilla. Before you know it, Carmilla is killing all of Lauren's friends and turning them into bloodthirsty demons! Thankfully, there is a local TV show hostess named Debbie who is an expert in all things occult... but can Debbie really put a stop to the devious and deadly Carmilla?

Donald Farmer's latest horror feature goes deep into his career-long obsessions, crafting a colorful film that feels as much like a modern horror film as it feels like an 80's shot-on-video excursion. Debbie Does Demons stars the increasingly popular new scream queen, Jessa Flux, alongside other low-budget horror stars Roni Jonah (Cannibal Hookers, Thrust!), Angel Bradford, and Morrigan Thompson.

Special Features:

- Introduction to the film by Donald Farmer

- Interview with Jessa Flux

- Interview with Angel Bradford

- "Demonic Design" SFX behind the scenes gallery

- Debbie Does Demons teasers

- Debbie Does Demons trailer

- Culture Shock Releasing trailers

Debbie Does Demons Blu-ray (Slipcover edition)

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