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Powell Davidson and his magician friends are tired of working under Donald Graham. They want to get into some serious magic, some necromancy. Powell has computed the perfect time to summon a spirit. In an abandoned pueblo outside of town, they perform their spell and unwittingly unleash Aaron Parker, a murderous Civil War Major, to fulfill his dying curse -- to kill the descendants of every person who condemned him to death by hanging in 1875!


Written and directed by emergency room doctor/novelist Paul Clinco, Death Magic is Tuscon-lensed Civil War black magic SVHS slasher epic you never knew you needed! Full of Arizona flavor (and early 90's suburban vibes), Death Magic delivers on every level. It takes several cues from the Nightmare on Elm Street films, and blends in director Clinco's own obsessions with the occult, for one of the most unique pieces of no-budget regional horror ever created.


This presentation of Death Magic was created using the highest quality SVHS materials available, and restored with the director's guidance and supervision. Culture Shock Releasing is proud to present Death Magic for the first time on disc.


Special Features:

Feature-length commentary by Director Paul Clinco

Rough cut ending featuring extended gore sequences

Excerpt from Genre Grinder podcast about Death Magic

Comparison of available video sources

Behind the scenes still gallery

Gallery of reviews and synopses


Death Magic Blu-ray (Slipcover edition)

$34.99 Regular Price
$27.99Sale Price
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