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For the first time on Blu-ray, Culture Shock Releasing is proud to present a brand new 4K scan and restoration of Tom Garrett's unique vision of the future, DEATH COLLECTOR.


In the future, worldwide economic collapse has reverted the modern world back to the Old West. When crime boss (and amateur bowler) Hawk (Loren Blackwell) kills the only sheriff in town, it's up to the sheriff's crooner brother (Daniel Chapman) to avenge the murder and save the town. Also starring Ruth Collins, Phil Nutman, and a memorable appearance by Debi Thibeault.


This disc is packed these killer special features:


- New 4K scan from the Tom Garrett's personal 16mm print

- Special Introduction from Tough-Guy Film Expert Mike Malloy (10 minutes)

- "Building a Void: The Road to Death Collector" New documentary featuring interviews with Director Tom Garrett and cast members Ruth Collins and Loren Blackwell (14 minutes)

- "One Day, One Scene, One Cameo" Audio interview with Phil Nutman (17 minutes)

- Alternate opening credits sequence with original title, "Tin Star Void"

- Side-by-side comparison showing the restoration of Death Collector (5 minutes)

- Death Collector trailer

- Culture Shock Releasing trailers

Death Collector Special Edition Blu-ray

$37.99 Regular Price
$26.99Sale Price
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