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The definitive release of Donald Farmer and Caroline Kopko's remake of Farmer's own SOV classic, Cannibal Hookers!


Kirsten (Kasper Meltedhair) escaped a religious cult but is still living a dangerous life, turning tricks in Hollywood to get by. She crossed paths with the notorious Cannibal Hookers and joins their man-eating ranks. A deranged priest and a bounty hunter scour the dark recesses of Los Angeles for Kirsten and her cannibal companions. Will Kirsten and her blood lusting friends survive their predators to prey another day?


Our deluxe Blu-ray is packed to the brim with special features!


- Bonus second feature film: Hooker With A Hacksaw (2017, 70 minutes)

- Feature-length commentary on Cannibal Hookers with Director Donald Farmer

- Donald Farmer interviews stars Kasper Meltedhair and Cacia Rose (7 minutes)

- Interview with star Jessa Flux (8 minutes)

- Outtakes (10 minutes)

- Trailer

- Original 2018 Teaser Trailer


Featuring a slipcover with new, joint artwork by Allen Vanmeter (@psychostreetbum)

Cannibal Hookers (2019) Special Edition Blu-ray

$37.99 Regular Price
$26.99Sale Price
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