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HOLY MOLY DVD announcement

The HOLY MOLY 25th Anniversary DVD is shipping now! For sale here and on our Facebook store!

Holy, a mild-mannered priest in a small town, runs into a demon after church one day. The demon, Vile Lynn, possesses Holy and forces him to kill. But Holy cannot deal with the guilt, and must confront the demon to stop the killing.

The DVD was produced using the original SVHS master tapes!

This collector's edition DVD is fully loaded:

- The original, remastered 41-minute cut for the first time on DVD!

- Remastered 30-minute recut from 1999

- Commentary on both versions of the movie by director Lance Ozanix

- New interview with Lance Ozanix (15 min)

- New interview with co-star and FX artist Rafael Robletto (9 min)

- Bloopers and behind-the-scenes footage (20 min)

- Original, remastered trailer

- Still gallery of the original, hand-written Holy Moly outline

We cut together a little teaser for the release:

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