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SPLIT Blu-ray release date announcement

Wow, have we been absent with the updates. My apologies for the radio silence, but we are back with exciting news...

There is FINALLY a release date for the SPLIT blu-ray! The movie will be hitting shelves on November 13th! Since the last update, Verboden Video joined forces with CAV Distribution to make sure this title would be available on Amazon, as well as several other popular shops. Here is the official disc art, which utilizes Chris Shaw's original design!

In other news, we are working with Lo-Fi Video to finish up the authoring on the DVD of SLASHDANCE, and that will be coming out soon as well!

Regarding ORIGINAL SINS, we have finally gotten in touch with the man who played Father Sean and are working to schedule a time to record an interview with him. After that we can finalize the special features and finally more forward with getting that movie released!

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